Where to buy the SR2?

Not sure where to buy this from, but man I been searching topics left and right. The only one link I found was an ali express link. Is that where everyone is buying it from?

I believe your meaning the SSR1?
If so then @M0SAIC is the one whom that sells it on their website along with selling OSR2/SR6’s but it is vastly cheaper to source the parts as much as possible yourself and build it. (They are USA based so if outside of USA expect higher shipping fees + tax)
However the SSR1 is still early development so expect it to not hold up in comparison to the OSR2/SR6.

I don’t believe anyone else is making SSR1’s so the only other way is to make it yourself which means you’ll need to go to Tempest’s patreon to do that since they are the creator/developer of it along with the OSR2 and SR6.

In the case your meaning SR6 then the answer is mainly the same as only a few people have posted on here about making and selling OSR2/SR6’s outside of the USA but have yet to build the same reputation as @M0SAIC for getting it done right and giving good support service.

EDIT: @Falafel whom posted after me has reminded me about G90ak (as someone also has a good reputation) whom does also make OSR2+'s via their post.

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No such thing as the SR2. There are the OSR2, SR6, and the SSR1. They are a series of open-source robots designed by TempestMax.


The OSR2

The OSR2+

The SR6

The SSR1

There’s no fixed manufacturer, anyone can build these at home. Assembly instructions can be obtained from Tempest’s Discord server (join from Patreon). They are quite easy to understand and doesn’t require you to be an engineer.

If you don’t have the time for the DIY you can purchase a pre-assembled unit from other builders:

My discount code for two of the retailers if you like:

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FunOSR - Use link below:

Thank you, and yeah I got confused with which models are out there.