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Hi, I’m very new here and I’m trying to figure out what to start out with. From what I’ve read, it seems that Kiiroo and the Handy are the most mentioned. Are there any other recommendations? And maybe some of the pros or cons of each? Thanks!


A crucial question is if you have a large collection of Fleshlights?

If you have many Fleshlights then Kiiroo might be a better option. Fleshlight sleeves fit the Kiiroo out of the box even if the casing is a little bit smaller than the original Fleshlight casing. The device is also designed for heavy sleeves like Fleshlights. However, the device is larger.

Even if TheHandy can manage a heavy fleshlight it will affect its performance since the device isn’t really designed for such a heavy sleeve. The device will build up more heat and it might not be able to move as fast as it is designed to do, which could result in shorter strokes. You might also need some 3D-printed adapters to make it fit well (unless TheHandy sells them).

TheHandy has better performance like a little longer stroke length and can manage higher speeds than Kiiroo.
TheHandy doesn’t use a battery that needs to be recharged or risk running out of juice in the middle of a session.
TheHandy is designed for any sleeve as long as it isn’t too heavy or too bulky.

Neither Kiiroo nor TheHandy are hands free but there are home made solutions. TheHandy has got an official hands free solution now, but from what I’ve read here it might have quality issues.


And there are other options. But it depends on your use case, and budget.

OSR2, SSR6, Syncbot.

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Another crucial question is if you want your system to work when there is no internet available.

Another important question is if you’re on Windows, Mac, Linux or a mobile device.

So I only have the 1 fleshlight atm, I use Windows, and it would be nice if it could be used without internet but I wouldn’t spend that much extra on it.

You can use Syncbot with out internet

I would say for your first time purchase into the whole stroker scene while not going to deep would be the Handy as while being easy to use out of the box, it can go deep into what you can use it for with a bit of effort and some DIY. As some games have been modded to be use-able with it which with just getting an Stanly Vice grip or some other hands-free method you can play porn games and get jerked off at the same time. The sleeves for it have some variance to them and you can use ona-holes through some 3D printer stuff as long as their weight and how tight they are alongside the lube you use. No Handy review link as well I personally got my Handy among some of the first I think (it’s lasted me 3-4 years with careful care and so I am biased most likely towards the Handy since I have no experience of other options) but here’s a link to an game integration which I have made a mod for said game: Seal of Lutellaria - device integration

Steps up from that which I know of are Syncbot (newest on the market) which is basically 3 points of attention which means 3 script files are needed for full experience if custom made. (Handy is just 1)
Due to it being new it has a lot of work to be done so currently while maybe not worthwhile, it should be very worthwhile after sometime. Syncbot review on this site, but there’s many on here so I suggest you read more than just this one as this is just the one I read: Biased review about the Syncbot

OSR2+ and SR6 are what I currently believe are the best you can get on the market but are the rarest to get script wise since…they have many axis of movement, SR6 having 6 and OSR2+ having 4 I think. So for a custom script for them is I believe very time consuming but can give the most immersion. Here’s a link to a topic of someone thinking about moving on from the Handy to the SR6: SR6 Questions / Exploring beyond the Handy

Finally there is an device in development that is being worked on by the same person who came up with the OSR2+ and SR6 which is basically the Handy on steroids, it’s called the SSR1. It’s I believe meant to be able to go much faster than the Handy and as a result of it being open source (I believe as is the OSR2+ and SR6 after a period of time) possible to mod and upgrade after you make it yourself solo. It’s in alpha still but possible to get however yeah…you maybe burning cash as a result. Here is the SSR1 thread I think so you can investigate it yourself: SSR1 Stroker Device Video

PS I believe all these above devices I’ve mentioned can work off WiFi, Bluetooth and USB connection. (Handy doesn’t do USB though, it mainly uses WiFi for script video sync though while the others do it via USB I believe)

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It depends on what you like to feel, so in that case if you would have the option to try multiple different options I’ll guess you’ll find the right one some day

Hi Ratattack, that’s a good summary, and thank you for referencing my review. ^^

Some more info about the Open-source Stroker Robots

The basic OSR2 has 2 axis, depth and roll. You can install a bolt-on upgrade to make it an OSR2+, which adds a pitch axis.
The SR6 support 5 axis, depth, roll, pitch, surge, sway.

Then there are optional modules that you can choose to add:

  • T-twist (.twist), a receiver that rotates the sleeve.
  • T-valve (.suck), an suction control valve for Fleshlights.
  • I-Lube, a lube dispenser that let’s you lube the sleeve up via a button.
  • An upcoming squeeze module.

No Multi-axis Scripts?

It is not sacrilegeous to use the OSR with a single-axis script. In fact the OSR2 experience is still very much centred around up/down movement. Think of the additional axis of it as a perk that comes with its unique design, not something you paid money for and gone waste.

The SR6 is a different story with more complexity and expense added to its design. It is mostly used by VaM power users to sync with game scenes in real time.

SSR1 vs Handy

The main feature of the SSR1 is the noise level. SSR1 runs on brushless gimbal motor + belt, which makes it quieter than the Handy’s ball screw motor. It has a longer stroke range and the prototype unit built by TempestMax seems faster than the Handy. But like you’ve said, the actual mechanical performance of open-source devices will be up to the builder. One can go overkill on the servos and turn the OSR into a weight lifter, or source cheap white-label components and set their house on fire.

If you’ve ever spent weeks building your own PC / Keyboard / Model Kit / RC Car and is still proud of it, then you’ll also love the sex toy crafted by your own hand.

Some more info over connectivity

The Handy’s Wi-Fi mode requires Internet connection. It caches the script to the chip and sends playback updates from their server to keep it in sync with the video. This makes it capable to handle complex scripts with a lot of points, but may suffer from buffering and lag if you have a poor connection with their server.

Bluetooth is supported on all of these devices. The Bluetooth protocol sends in command in real-time, usually used via to communicate with video player and games. The downside is that complex scripts don’t feel as smooth when used with this method. ➥ Middle Points and Bluetooth Compatible Scripts

The OSRs uses USB serial cable which handles large amount of command easily and can handle the most complex scripts. Units with an ESP32 also have Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity ready.

SyncBot is used with a wireless usb dongle with a communication range of approx 2 meters. It also recently got Bluetooth support in the player software.


I think if I had to list some important factors it would be:

Budget: I think I would be willing to spend around $200 (ignoring shipping). I am interested in getting into the scene, but I’m not willing to drop like $400 in one go for it. (Side note: If I need to buy a sleeve for it, that’s fine)

Battery: Ideally something that could last an hour.

Noise: Ideally the less noise the better.

Wifi: Not really important, working without Wifi would be nice.

Advanced features: I think as I’m just starting this journey, I don’t really need all the advanced features like multi axis or what not. In the future perhaps, but right now what I really need is just an entry option.

Thanks in advance!

Well, I guess you are stuck with the Handy lol.

  • Battery: No battery. Powered by a DC adapter (you’ll likely be using it near a power socket anyway).
  • Connectivity: Wi-fi for full experience. But Bluetooth also works well offline.
  • Sleeve: Comes with a default sleeve. Can be adapted with your own sleeve of choice.
  • Advanced features: None! It’s a simple linear stroker. That’s all.

I have a promo link if you are interested in it corpa:

My experience with the Kiiroo KEON is that it was very limited trying to use scripts with any amount of detail to them, speed or rapid changes, it was just poor. Cleaning that machine was also awful. It gets gross quick inside the machine. It’s not quiet either.

The OSR2 was pretty good, and easily gets the job done quick unless you have exceptional endurance. Problems would be setting it up every use unless you have a dedicated private area for it. It was also SUPER loud, and the locking mechanism was iffy for holding Fleshlights, since it has the rotation feature, and the locking mechanism uses rotation and is loose, so it falls out without LOTS of lube.

I ended up getting an Estim device myself eventually and not regretting it at all. Easy setup, varied placements on yourself, quiet, plenty of additional attachment options if you have money to buy em and patterns/tilt modes/etc depending on the Estim device. Estim takes a bit of getting used to and some basic handling cautions, but it’s been fantastic. Feels sharp the first few uses until you understand what to do and where to place things. Big problem with Estim would be it feels very different from strokers, it’s pretty expensive up front between a good device and attachments, and some very basic handling should be followed so you don’t shock yourself in a bad way.

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