🏗️[Review] FunSR1 In Action: Beats the Handy?

The FunOSR guys sent me this sample unit of their FunSR1, so here I am for a review.

This tissue box looking thing is a custom build of the SSR1 designed by TempestMax, and has been advertised to surpass the most popular stroker on this site in terms of performance.

Words of truth? Well I don’t doubt given it’s an SSR1 already. But since there hasn’t been much talk on the SSR1’s performance, why not film it and show the world.

:framed_picture: Overview

Height - 232mm
Width - 72mm
Depth* - 88mm
Weight* - 618g
*Including the default adapter

Stroke Length - 110mm
length by funosr

Want to point out that the device I’ve used in the videos below had a shorter stroke range of 95mm due to an early-stage firmware. It’s a small variable but good to keep in mind as you compare the performance of the two devices.

:building_construction: Load Limit

Recommended - 850g
Apparently they have also tested this against 1000 grams. I just so happen to have a Puni Virgin 1000 Fuwatoro which weighs 1000g so I slapped it on.

Good lord. monka4k

:chart_with_upwards_trend: Script Playback

As a scripter my biggest concern is whether the device will be able to perform the scripted actions correctly. Most commercial stroker toys have limitations to which scripters must compromise their scripts for. Just to recount a few topics that has highlighted this issue:

Managing Stroke Speed
Has anyone else noticed the Handy losing accuracy and precision with very slow movements?
Slow Show - kinetics Handy slow scripting guide
Handy's Firmware Blends Slow Actions

Based on my scripting experience I have compiled a collection of “problematic” patterns of varying speed into one script. Let’s see how the FunSR1 and the Handy would handle this challenge.

:bookmark_tabs: Stroker_Stress_Test.funscript (138.4 KB)

vvv Click to Load Videos vvv

Videos (Click to show)

Have a listen at the sound too!
Left channel = FunSR1, Serial mode, loaded 440g
Right channel = the Handy, Wi-fi mode, loaded 440g
Microphone 30cm away

:snail: Slow Strokes (15-50 unit/s)

:rocket: Fast Strokes (400-800 unit/s)

:carpentry_saw: Vibrations (50-20 ms)

:part_alternation_mark: Interpolated Sine Wave (2 - 10 middle points)

:elevator: Elevator

:zap: Fast Zig-zag

:level_slider: Raw Data (Mouse Recording)

:sloth: Bonus: Extremely Slow Strokes (No audio)

:electric_plug: Wireless Connectivity

Aside from using an USB cable, the FunSR1 also supports Bluetooth communication via virtual COM port, so you don’t have to plug two wires just to use the machine. Everything stays local - you don’t need the Internet.

For those came from other Bluetooth LE toys you might be concerned about the communication rate and whether it can smoothly play complex scripts with a lot of points. Afterall there seems to be a lot of shaming on the standard and its inability to play complex scripts smoothly.


In the videos below both the FunSR1 and the Handy is connected to my laptop via Bluetooth, playing sections of the same script using MFP’s PolledUpdate mode (no resampling). Let’s see if Bluetooth truly deserves the ill fame, or if it’s more of a skill issue with the implementation…

vvv Click to Load Videos vvv

Videos (Click to show)

:carpentry_saw: Vibrations

:part_alternation_mark: Waves

:level_slider: Raw Data

:computer: Software Compatibility

The SSR1 talks in T-Code via COM port, so technically any service that supports T-Code devices such as the OSR2 can be used with it. It also works with Intiface after some manual configuration.

Below are just a few that I’ve tried:

:package: Accessories

Click if you are interested in what else arrived in the box

Mounting Solution

A 3D printed VESA adapter and a c-clamp. Nothing extraordinary.

When it comes to mount there’s a 1/4 nut on the back which fits my magic arm, which is even more handy (these are not included in the package).


Now this is a gym equipment.

Fleshlight Adapter

If you are a Fleshlight person this thing is for you.

Power & Data Cable

Might wanna bring your own plug.


Huh? This thing looks familiar…



(FYI this thing is used to sandwich the sleeve with velcros through it to distribute pressure. You don’t have to use this but some toys work better with it.)

:screwdriver: Let’s Open It Up!

It’s the same motor (iPower GM4108H-120T) listed in the SSR1 BOM. Perhaps the biggest change compared to the default SSR1 is that they’ve replaced the steel cylindrical rail (which the plastic prints directly slides on) with linear rails to ease movement and prolong lifespan.

And thanks for reading this far. Hope the tests I’ve done so far has been helpful at demonstrating the actual power of the FunSR1 as well as the SSR1 design as a whole. Now all that’s left is to screw the lid back and -

…where did i put the screws?


:pen: Conclusion

This is the single most powerful tissue box I’ve received as present. 10/10 experience, much gratitude to the FunOSR people for letting me do this review, and getting me to tidy up my desktop.

:tickets: Promo Link

If you enjoyed the review and would like to order one, feel free to use my promo link!

:point_down: Click the image below to buy the FunSR1 with a $10 coupon:

And if you want to follow up the development of the SSR1, consider subscribing to TempestMax:




My interest is piqued. Are there file size limitations with scripts? I have a handful of scripts I can’t use with my Handy because the file sizes are too large.


Very thorough and informative review. Great side-by-side videos.
Your autism (non-derogatory) is much appreciated!


Great review, informative and straight to point. Looks very promising, I’m definitely interested. Nice design, honestly the look of the OSR group of toys is a huge turnoff for me, so that’s a plus here.


Great and interesting reviews Falafel! :face_with_monocle: :smile:

Which machine is the fastest one between the SR6 and the FunSR1?
Regarding the SR6, you wrote that “actions below 600 units/s are safe to use”

And do you think that the AI-H200-1 with increased load capacity correlates with a boost in speed?

Another point I’m unclear on is the engine powering the FunSR1 brushless, or does it not matter because it is another type of engine compared to the ones in sr6?
Does it seem like the FunSR1 might be even quieter than the Handy, or am I mistaken?

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OSR2/SR6/SSR1 creator here.

This is a really cool review and interesting reading. I’m very pleased with the SSR1 mechanism and it’s exciting to see it put through its paces in the FunSR1.

The creators of this device were kind enough to contact me before releasing it, I am aware of it and I have absolutely no issues or objections to what they’re doing. :+1:

Of course, for those of you who are interested in having the fun experience of assembling this mechanism for yourself, and having the confidence to maintain and repair it if necessary, I will shamelessly plug my Patreon page. I’ve learned a lot from SSR1 Alpha and I plan to release the updated Beta design later this year, as well as some other extras and upgrades :wink:.



Thank you for your affirmation of FunSR1. The main differences between FunSR1 and SSR1 lie in the mechanical structure, with the tensioning structure adjusting belt tension and the slide table structure reducing friction.

Your innovative T-CODE protocol serves as the foundation for the majority of interactive toys today. Designs like SR6, OSR2, and SSR1 have all been very popular.

Welcome everyone to subscribe to Tempest’s Patreon!

We also welcome everyone to join our Discord!


FunSR1 is a gimbal motor, while FunSR6 is a servo motor, so FunSR1 is quieter than SR6. Additionally, we’ve optimized the structure for noise, so FunSR1 might be quieter than Handy.

Great review. The videos are fantastic demonstrations of the advantages of Tempest’s devices. And the linear rails are dope AF.

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Both seems capable at playing actions at 600 unit/s without compromising length, which is where I stopped demanding (rarely do I need to go beyond 600u/s). I’d say the FunSR1 (SSR1) is more stable at faster speed than the SR6, running the same script the gimbal brushless motor also gets less hot than the servos of the SR6.

Volume wise they sounded similar to my ears. Here’s the waveform for comparison.

The Handy has abrupt change in velocity which causes peaks when it moves. It is also higher in pitch.

I’ve not tried these. The FunSR1 (SSR1) uses gimbal brushless motor instead of servos.

No. The Handy needs to download and cache the script before playback, hence the size limit. The SSR1 doesn’t do this - player software such as MFP sample the script on your computer and send command in real-time.

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neat. does it come with vesa adapter?

Yes, read this section → 🏗️[Review] FunSR1 In Action: Beats the Handy?

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Is the rail louder than alpha 4 rods?

It’s actually quieter. Since you’re in Tempet’s discord, this might help:

Thank you for your review. I just found out that this device is made in China. It would be very convenient for me to purchase it.

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Which motor controller board is that? It looks like a custom design?

If I understand this correctly they’ve combined it with the ESP32?

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before I dig deeper, did anyone already figure out a way to integrate this with GitHub - stashapp/stash: An organizer for your porn, written in Go. Documentation: https://docs.stashapp.cc ?

Someone have had success here. Basically you play videos using MPV and MultiFunPlayer handles the script.

If it works with OSR2/SR6 it works with the SSR1.


many thanks! I will check that out.